The entrance to Laughing Buddha Acupuncture at 411 30th
       St., Oakland CA. Laughing Buddha Acupuncture is a complementary and alternative health care clinic dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care to our patients. At Laughing Buddha Acupuncture, we believe that the patient has the power and the right to be in charge of their own health and well-being and we strive to focus our treatments to emphasize that. The role of the practitioner is that of a partner in a team effort; our acupuncturists are there to provide treatment so that you, the patient, can harness your own innate healing ability. We believe that there is no one true path to health. As such, we happily work side-by-side with many forms of healing including traditional allopathic medicine. We are all in this adventure of life together.

Laughing Buddha Acupuncture offers acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, facial rejuvenation treatments, and medical qigong. Patient services are by appointment only. The clinic is open Monday through Saturday with hours in the evening to accommodate all our patients’ needs. For a description of all our services and fees, click here.

At Laughing Buddha Acupuncture, all treatment courses are highly individualized and decided upon between the patient and the practitioner after the first treatment. In the same way that no two people are exactly alike, no two treatment plans are the same. Our practitioners work closely with patients to ensure a treatment plan that fits their health care needs, their schedule, and their budget.

Directions & Parking

Our offices are located at 411 30th Street, Suite 308, in Oakland. We are conveniently close to the MacArthur BART stop and AC transit routes 1R, 51A, 1, 634, 651, 851, and the AC Transbay 800. For public transit information to and from our offices, click here.

Our building is on the corner of 30th St and Summit, with the entrance off of 30th street. We are in the "Pill Hill" neighborhood of Oakland, near the Alta Bates Summit campus.

There is plentiful metered two-hour parking on and around the square block of 30th St, Summit, 29th St, and McClure. There is unmetered two-hour parking a little farther away, on the other side of Telegraph Ave. Additionally, there is a cash-only parking garage just around the block from us, on 29th St. For initial appointments, plan for at least 90 minutes. Followup appointments should be about one hour.

Services & Fees

Individualized patient intake followed by tongue and pulse assessment and physical examination where appropriate. Patients are treated with sterile, single-use, hair-thin needles. Point selection is based on the patient’s specific diagnosis.

Initial Appointment: $80
Follow-up Appointment: $60

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Chinese Herbal Consultation
Individualized patient intake including tongue and pulse assessment and physical exam where appropriate. Patients are given a customized herbal prescription based on diagnosis and treatment goals. Herbal formulas are typically dispensed as powders that are mixed with hot water or pills. If requested, prescriptions can be dispensed as raw herbs for home cooking. For customized herbal formulas, Laughing Buddha Acupuncture uses a mail order herbal company that follows US GMP policies. Once prescribed, the herbal company contacts the patient via email and the herbs are delivered directly to the patient’s door. So much easier than going to the pharmacy! (Herbal consultation included with acupuncture treatment sessions.)

Herbal Consultation Only: $40*
* Patient pays price of herbal prescription.

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Facial Rejuvenation
Facial rejuvenation is the Chinese medicine answer to the facelift and so much easier! In this treatment, in addition to the needles placed in the body according to the patient’s diagnosis, small, hair-thin needles are placed in neck, face, and scalp to lift skin and restore muscle tone. Very small needles are placed directly into wrinkles to stimulate re-growth of collagen, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The main treatment course is typically twelve treatments over three months followed by periodic maintenance treatments.

Main Treatment Course Appointment: $120
Maintenance Appointment: $90
Essential Oils for Facial Rejuvenation: $25*
* Approximately 2-months supply.

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Medical Qigong
Want a needle free and totally painless treatment? Using therapeutic techniques to adjust the body's energy fields to enhance health and healing, Medical Qigong is one of the traditional modalities of Chinese Medicine. No needles are inserted, so this therapy is perfect for patients who are afraid of or sensitive to needles. Treatment includes individualized patient intake followed by assessment, and sessions last approximately 60 minutes.

Each Appointment: $85

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Chakra Cleanse & Balance
It's not just for yogis! Patterns of energy tend to stick in our chakras; this treatment is a great way to help bust out of old habits. Treatment session includes a full chakra cleanse and refresh, plus energetic balance based on individual diagnosis. Sessions last approximately thirty minutes.

Each Appointment: $45

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